Buying a new or used car can be an exciting experience, especially if it’s the first vehicle you’ve ever purchased. But you must carefully consider your options before you drive the car out of the garage. There is no point in buying a sporty new 2-seater if you’ve a family of 6, although it might look great, it won’t fulfil your needs.

Budget> The first thing you should consider is your budget, ask yourself can you really afford this type of vehicle? You might gaze fondly upon a brand-new modelbut in reality, the repayments could cripple you. If you can’t afford a new model, ask the garage what used cars they have on offer. If you shop around you may just get lucky and find an incredible second-hand car which looks and performs like a car just out of the showroom. If you have a trade in vehicle, do some research and see how much it is now worth. In addition, get multiple offers from several dealerships to see what they can give you off a new car if you decide to trade in.

Safety> This is an important aspect that is often overlooked by consumers when buying a car. But key safety features can save your life and the lives of other passengers in your vehicle. If you are buying a new car there are 3 main safety features to look out for.

  • Collision Avoid Technologies
  • Collision Protection for Passengers
  • Driver Assistance Technologies such as ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)

You can also check online to see what models are the safest to drive, there are independent tests carried out by Australian organisations who assess the safety levels of numerous vehicles.

You can also conduct some tests of your own while in the garage, sit inside the vehicle and assess the level of visibility for drivers. The car should have large mirrors, adjustable seats and easy to access controls.

Test Drive> It is always important to test drive a vehicle before you decide to buy, you’ll only get a real feel for the motor when you are behind the wheel. Don’t be afraid to ask for an extended test drive, the more time you spend in the car, the better you’ll get to realise its performance capabilities. When visiting a garage which has cars for sale in Canberra, ask a company representative can you take the vehicle out for a trial run.

Consider Your Needs>The most important question to ask yourself when buying a car in Australia is “Will this car suit my needs?”. If you are looking for high performance vehicles then choose a sports model, if you need space, select a family saloon.

The points listed above are to help you carefully consider your decision when buying a car. You should think about your budget, the type of vehicle you need and its safety record. When choosing a model, make sure to take it on an extended test drive to help you get a feel for the vehicle and its performance levels.