Mahindra and Mahindra has been a popular name in Indian automobile industry since 1945. It manufactures and services Tractors, LCVs, HCVs, SUVs, commuter vehicles, e-vehicles too. They entered the two-wheeler market in 2008 when they acquired Kinetic Motor Company Limited and entered into partnership with Taiwan based SANYANG INDUSTRY COMPANY (SYM) with name MAHINDRA SYM.

 The first Mahindra bikes in India were-

  • Mahindra DURO/DZ
  • Mahindra RODEO/RZ
  • Mahindra PANTERO
  • Mahindra STALLIO

However, all of them have been discontinued as of now and Mahindra bikes are continuing its journey in the 110cc Scooter segment including Mahindra GUSTO which has been widely acclaimed.


The Mahindra GUSTO is offered in two engine specifications:

  • 110 cc- with a mileage of 63.7 kmpl and a power of 8.15 PS at 7500 RPM, this one is surely winning hearts and roads as well. It has a kerb weight of 120 kg which is considerably lighter than its strict competitors. It offers alloy wheels as a standard with drum brakes in front along with tubeless tyres. Gusto comes with a standard warranty of 5 years. It is offered in three trims DX, RS and VX with DX being offered at Rs. 48,615, RS being offered at Rs. 49,930 and VX at a price of Rs. 53,030.
  • 125 cc- with a mileage of 50 kmpl and a power of 8.7 PS at 7000 RPM, it loses some brownie points for lesser mileage than its sibling but regains for its better power and smooth powertrain. It has the same kerb weight, with all other features being same as its sibling. It is offered in two trims VX and DX with DX being offered at a price of Rs. 51,130 and VX at a price of Rs. 55,770.


The Mahindra CENTURO is a 110-cc bike which was introduced in Indian Market in 2013 with market leading features like Anti-theft key, find-me lamp, full digital dashboard. It became an instant hit. It is offered in three trims –

  • CENTURO ROCKSTAR ALLOY- it comes with a mileage of 85.4 kmpl with drum brakes, tubeless tyres and kick start and digital dashboard. It is offered at a price of Rs. 43,250.
  • CENTURO ROCKSTAR- it comes with same mileage and same features except for electric start at a price of Rs. 48,935.
  • CENTURO NXT- it has advanced features with the same mileage and power of 8.5 PS at 5500 RPM at a price of Rs. 53,290.

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The Mahindra MOJO is a 295-cc adventure-touring bike launched in 2015. The bike is offered in two trims-

  • MOJO XT300- it comes with a mileage of 25 kmpl and a power of 29.5 PS at 8000 RPM. It has a 6-speed gearbox with fuel injection and offered at a price of Rs.1.63 lacs.
  • MOJO UT300- it comes with a mileage of 25 kmpl and a power of 23.11 PS at 7500 RPM. It has same gearbox with carburetor fuel system and ABS with offering price at Rs.1.40 lacs.

Mahindra Bikes mileage and excellent performance has been driving the growth of the company in the Indian market. All the prices above are ex-showroom Delhi.