Sales of electric cars in the UK are growing, which shows that people are becoming more open to driving this alternative to conventional petrol or diesel cars. Electric car options are increasing, prices are going down and battery range is improving, encouraging people that this is the best time to buy an electric vehicle. What are the benefits of an electric vehicle? Read on.

It saves you money

Electric car owners save money running and maintaining electric cars. An electric car costs less to run because the electricity consumed to charge it is about one-third as much per kilometre as buying petrol for a similar vehicle.

It is also easier to maintain because it requires virtually no maintenance over its life because there are fewer moving parts. There are no starter motors, exhaust systems, radiators and fuel injection systems to service. However, like regular vehicles, if you maintain the brakes, suspension and tyres, you can expect them to perform at their best most of the time. It has only one moving part, which is the rotor, so it is much simpler.

It is better for the environment

An electric vehicle can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, especially when running on renewable sources such as solar PV systems. Driving electric vehicles reduces air pollution from exhaust emissions. That means electric cars are beneficial for direct emissions and the vehicle’s life cycle. Direct emissions emitted from the tailpipe include those that form smog and other greenhouse gases that are mainly carbon dioxide. These cars produce no direct emissions, helping improve air quality.

On the other hand, life cycle emissions cover emissions coming from fuel related sources such as vehicle and fuel production. There is emission when petrol is extracted from the ground for regular vehicles, as well as during refining and distributing gasoline. Thus, electric vehicles produce less life cycle emissions compared to regular vehicles because emissions are lower when generating electricity than burning diesel or gasoline.

In addition, there is a trend towards producing eco-friendly materials for electric vehicles. Major car producers use recycled and bio-based materials.

It gives you plenty of incentives

Though it is more expensive to buy an electric car than a conventional car, you can get plenty of incentives from the government. One of these is the Plug-In Car Grant or PICG, which offers different discounts when buying a new electric car. Discounts are higher for pure electric cars than hybrid ones. Car companies also offer attractive finance rates that encourage consumers to buy electric vehicles. Other incentives such as separate battery hire, zero percent finance and free wall box charger installations are also being offered.

The most important advantage of electric cars and other electric vehicles, in general, is their environmental benefits. The transport sector accounts for a quarter of carbon emissions in the UK, a major factor in climate change. Reduction of emissions will increase further as the country switches to more renewable electricity generation. Switching to electric cars significantly reduces the carbon footprint. Imagine cars with no fuel needed, leading to energy security for the country, which will no longer need to depend on oil for running cars.