Nowadays, there are over three million trucks registered in the United States of America. Combined, they cover nearly 300 000 000 000 kilometers per year. Like blood in arteries and veins, trucks driven by professional and excellent drivers ride through highways and transport over 60% of all cargo inside the US. Do you want to drive one of those? Start visiting the truck driving school to begin your journey.

And now, let’s see 5 best truck models that ever appeared in the United States of America with so many interesting features in it.

International Harvester TranStar II (1974-1981)

International harvester has introduced much new type of heavy duty trucks. The cab-over truck models of TranStar series first appeared in the lineup by International Harvested in 1962 and remained bestselling tractor units within several years in the American market. In 1974, the model line refreshed to the TranStar II version with a code of CO-4070, and became one of the most popular cab overs in mid-70’s as it was significantly cheaper compared to classic Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks. Professional Truckers of that time preferred TranStar II due to their power, durability and easy maintenance with low cost.

Mack Truck R Series (1966-2005)

Mark truck is one of the well-known names in the industries of automobile. Terra pro cab over, Granite, Granite Axle Black are some of the most popular models. The classic American Mack R-Series truck appeared in 1966 as a direct descendant of B series models. There were at least 10 different modifications with 4×2, 4×4, 6×4 and 6×6 chassis formulas which turned the Truck R into one of the bestselling heavy trucks in history. R series made a huge step forward compared to B’s, especially in size and equipment of cabins. Many popular models manufactured in different countries and different plants.

Kenworth W900A (1967-1982)

Kenworth trucks are the most innovative trucks. Without a doubt, the W900 is the undisputed symbol of American truck building schools. It is the embodiment of power, functionality, and what matters the most is beauty. Before W900A appeared, nobody even thought a truck can be that beautiful. And it has most useful factory produced sleeper cab called Aerodyne sleeper cab introduced by Kenworth W900A.

The W900A debuted in 1967 as the updated version of the 1961 model W900, and lasted till 1982 with only slight changes and it is the most iconic best truck in United States.

Kenworth K100 (1961-2004)

K100 is another legendary tractor by Kenworth released simultaneously with W900 but using different frame and cab, in 1961 where K stands for Ken. In 1968, the model passed through its first serious restyling procedure that turned it into a K100C with intense fiberglass usage to construct a cabin.

Cab-over trucks became less popular since late 1970s, but not K100. It remained on the road with wide customization options till its final hour in 2004. Until 2011, K100 production was done and it was replaced by K200 with redesigned features of the interior and exterior parts of the truck.