Sitting in the car and enjoying the well-tailored comfortable feel of your car seat that brings in a wave of satisfaction for you…What’s better than that? Car travelers and owners know, very well, what it feels to have a good car leather seat cover. You feel more confident about the comfort level, looks, and safety of the car’s upholstery.

And one of the most reliable and durable options in this genre is leather. But how do they have an upper hand against other seat covers? Let’s see!

Advantages of Leather Seat Covers

Seat Protection

Leather has an amazing quality of resisting wear and tear as against normal cloth covers. It even protects your car upholstery like cushions, pillows, and hand rests, etc from sudden impulses and in turn, enhances their durability to a large extent.

Attractive Looks

The leather seat covers, with their bright and shiny appearance, are able to do wonders for your car’s interior aesthetics. Unlike, fabrics, which prove to be dull and can quickly fade their colors, leather provides you a long-lasting smooth and glossy look.

Easy Maintenance

Suppose you are enjoying a long drive or picnic with your family & friends and…Oops! There goes a colorful food stain over your car cover. With leather, no problem, whereas with cloth, you gotta feel unlucky. Leather has unique properties to let you easily wipe off the stains and spills, but fabrics? They just enjoy your food deeply!


Cars are, of course, made for vigorous outdoor purposes; they have to bear dust, smoke, smells, and what-not! In such a case, the cloth may trap in unwanted odors and particles, which may lead to allergies.

But with leather, you’ll face no such problem. The plain and smooth leather can, by no means trap such entities. And even if something sticks to it, you can simply wipe it off with a single stroke!

Resale Value

While reselling your car, you might have to spend a handsome amount for enhancing your car’s interior, which might have depleted or faded in the due course of time. However, if you are opting for leather covers; interior improvements might not be a cause of concern before the car’s resale.

Final Thought

Leather, with its luxurious merits and some classy features, certainly has dominance over other seat covers. It is responsible for offering you a lavish interior and in turn a lavish feel. However, as each cloud has a silver lining, leather too has its own demerits. It is a bit sticky and is a good conductor of heat, making it a bit unsuitable for extreme weather conditions. Nonetheless, the pros are significantly more than the cons and overall, leather proves to be a much better car seat cover for you!