In an increasingly and unstable world, a company’s standards of protection should always be at a high level. Armored vehicles are essential for safety and are used by a variety of players, including banks, businesses, high profile individuals and law enforcement profile people. In recent years, sales of armored vehicles have increased, showing how many companies realize the benefits of using armored vehicles. Here are some of the reasons why your company should also consider investing in the extra protection an armored vehicle offers.

#1: If You Work in An Unstable Area

If your company works in unstable parts of the world, it is worth considering an armored vehicle. The database on armed conflict indicates that in 2015, there were 40 armed conflicts in the world with approximately 167,000 deaths. These conflicts have been confined to Latin America, Colombia and Mexico, the Middle East with the biggest problem, Syria and the African continent, especially South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These conflicts however are not limited to these regions. High profile people are at greater risk of kidnapping in these areas and can be safer in an armored vehicle. However, even though your business does not engage in risky activities in these areas (most especially if it does), you should always consider the indirect victims of these conflicts.

#2: Transportation of High Level People

CEOs and company executives are at greater risk when traveling in unstable regions. Often, companies will have manufacturing sites in certain low-income countries where crime rates are very high. A good example of this is Mexico, where many US auto companies have manufacturing facilities. The high rates of drug cartel crime have prompted US leaders to purchase armored vehicles to travel to Mexico. In these cases, it is important to keep in mind that armored vehicles do not have to be the largest square vehicle that looks like a tank; It is also possible to buy a shielded SUV like the armored sedans from Troy Armoring for when you want to mix.

#3: Funds in Transit

When banks collect or deposit money at ATMs, they make use of armored vehicles for security purposes. If your business carries something valuable, it must always be done in an armored vehicle. An armored vehicle will spoil any potential threat and keep your company’s money safe.

#4: Private Security

Just as the military uses armored vehicles, private security companies must also invest in the safety of their employees using an armored vehicle. Security personnel are mostly at higher risk; therefore, the use of armored vehicles can reduce the risk of vulnerability. With an armored vehicle, the presence of a security team becomes more important in an area.

Although there are factors to keep in mind when buying an armored car, and you may think that it is not necessary for your business. However, as the world gets more and more uncertain, prevention is better than cure, we recommend you get an armored vehicle as armored extra protection vehicles protect the most valuable assets of your company as well as it’s people.