Believe it or not, some drivers can take years of driving lessons before they have the confidence to take their driving test. But if you need to learn how to drive and get your licence in the soonest possible time, then you could well benefit from an intensive driving course. Intensive driving lessons are ideal for those who want to learn how to drive quickly and efficiently, and if you are one of those, then here’s your essential guide to intensive driving courses in the UK – and how they can help you.

What is it?

An intensive driving course is different from standard driving courses in that they can take only a matter of weeks, sometimes even days, before you are ready and prepared to take your driving test. Intensive driving courses are also called ‘crash courses’ but if you’re interested in such a course, you need to have a provisional driving licence in the UK, and you need learner driver insurance if you are driving your own vehicle as well. Additionally, whilst you may have the option to take both the practical and theory driving test as part of the driving course, many driving schools may require you to take (and pass) the theory driving test first, so you already have the necessary skills.

What you can expect with an intensive driving course

Intensive driving courses will provide you with one-on-one lessons with a driving instructor who is qualified, and you will undergo the same kind of training as you would with a standard driving course, albeit in a shorter time. Your intensive driving course can also be customised so that you can focus on the skills which you aren’t so comfortable doing. After the course, you can get a practical test as well.

The length of intensive driving courses can differ depending on your needs and requirements. But most courses are offered by driving schools for a period of one to two weeks. Since the time is short, however, you should expect to spend a minimum of five hours learning and practising your driving skills on the road. But if you have already taken several driving lessons and merely want a driving crash course so you can prepare for the test, another option would be a two-day crash course with a driving time of 10 hours. If, however, you’re not quite sure how many hours or lessons you need, the driving school should be able to give you an assessment and determine which course time frame is best for your needs.

How much it costs

The cost of intensive driving lessons can vary, but it often comes out cheaper than standard driving lessons in the long run. Here’s an estimate: a typical crash course of only one day can cost about £200, although this is only recommended for individuals who need a few hours of driving practice prior to the test. If you opt for an intensive driving course which lasts for a week, you can expect to spend about £1000, whilst a course lasting two weeks can cost about £2000. Whilst this may sound expensive, if you take a standard driving lesson which can cost about £24 and you have to take approximately 47 driving lessons (the average number of lessons most individuals have before taking the test), this could already add up to a thousand pounds as well. Of course, the cost will also depend on the driving school you choose, so make sure to ask them this before you sign up.

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